Antenor Payment Systems

Antenor Payment Systems NV is a specialist in payment kiosks and payment automation. Antenor produces, installs and services a wide range of modular payment terminals for multiple applications. Antenor is the Belgian market leader in custom-made payment kiosks for specific niche markets such as carwashes, public laundry rooms, parking, recreation, etc. Antenor is also active as an integrator of cashless payment solutions for closed user groups.

Antenor Payment Systems is in portfolio since October 2014.

Unicum Trade Botanicals (UTB)

UTB NV is a leading Belgian manufacturer of private-label nutraceuticals. UTB produces solid and liquid nutritional supplements for human and veterinarian use. Customers can enter or exit at any step in the production process, going from product development, formulation and certification to sourcing of raw materials, production and packaging. The company offers a wide range of services, including mixing, granulation, tableting, capsulating, blistering, filling and packaging. UTB is renowned for its quality and expertise of complex production runs.

UTB is in portfolio since May 2016.

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Robin Baele, CEO UTB

The fundamentals of our decision to partner with Invale were the long term investment horizon, the respect for the strategy and realisations of UTB in the past as well as the wish and offered support to continue this trajectory in the future. For us Invale was the ideal partner to safeguard the future of our company and build upon past successes.

Looking back at the cooperation since the transaction I can confirm that all expectations were truly fulfilled. We have a very constructive cooperation, support goes way beyond the level of the Board of Directors. Invale is a sparring partner with whom I can discuss a variety of topics covering amongst others strategic decision making, reinforcement of management and employee matters.

Elnor Motors

Elnor Motors NV develops and builds customer-specific electric motors for industrial use. Elnor Motors is specialized in explosion-proof motors, single phase motors, high-efficiency asynchronous motors and DC motors in the range from 50 w to 2,2 kW. With more than 90% of its turnover realized abroad, Elnor Motors is active in specific niche markets all over the world. It has a strong position in motors for fuel dispensing pumps, vapor recovery pumps, paint stirrers, ventilation, bread slicers, coffee grinders and a range of other OEM’s.

Elnor Motors is in portfolio since September 2016.

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Tom Paesmans, Managing Director Elnor Motors NV

We found in Invale a trusted partner with a long term view. With its support, we will continue the successful trajectory of Elnor Motors. As from the first discussions, we felt that Invale shared the same entrepreneurial spirit, which was of great importance to both the previous owner and myself. Mutual understanding, respect and trust have been key during the deal negotiation and beyond.

Invale is focused on the longer term. This created a match with our growth strategy and allowed for a correct leverage ratio. To me, the Invale team is an engaged and available sparring partner. The regular interactions are well-balanced and provide me with useful and refreshing insights. Discussion topics have ranged from strategic and financial planning and staff-related matters to a wide range of more sector specific issues.

If you are looking for an engaged, long-term investor who focuses on sustainable value creation by supporting you in a balanced, respectful and trustworthy manner, I can truly recommend Invale.

Stoffels Tomaten

Stoffels Tomaten is the largest independent tomato producer and distributor in Belgium. The company grows, packages and trades a wide variety of high quality specialty tomatoes (e.g. cherry tomatoes and tomatoes with a special form, taste and/or color). The company is a frontrunner in sustainable tomato production, introduction of new varieties and innovative marketing and distribution concepts in response to current trends of healthy and convenient food.

Stoffels Tomaten is in portfolio since Januari 2018.


Epacco is a full service provider active in the cleaning of food companies, offering cleaning services, integrated quality management through its proprietary E-Quality platform as well as consulting services in the field of cleaning and hygiene. Epacco is dedicated to help its customers identify cleaning needs and hygiene requirements in their production facilities as well as the necessary investments, cleaning methods and frequency to ensure a hygienic and fully compliant production environment.

Epacco is in portfolio since September 2020.

Ets. A. Op de Beeck Boomkwekerijen

Ets. A. Op de Beeck Boomkwekerijen is a sixth-generation family business active in the tree nursery sector and specialized in the cultivation of forest trees, hedge plants, landscape plants and poplars. With a strong focus on quality, innovation and sustainability, the company is a frontrunner in the tree nursery sector in Belgium. Op de Beeck has an extensive range of in-house grown forest plants and sells approximately 7 million plants in the European market every year. The nursery covers a cultivation area of approximately 75 hectares.

Op de Beeck is in portfolio since November 2021.